Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013

= today = July, 8th

== the day was == a slow-paced, warm and sunny day filled with outdoor activities.  There's so much to be done in the garden right now, and it is perfect weather to get at least a little bit accomplished.  I had to plant more beans, and give the collard, Brussel sprouts and pumpkin plants more space.  Also, there is a big patch, yet to be cleared (from what looks like a jungle) that I invision filled with flowers and vegetables and a romantic bench under the elder tree; not this year, mind, but hopefully next :-).  Also, we just HAD to visit that new ice-cream shop in the park!

== we made == I didn't get round to any creative endeavours.  I am waiting for some new wool to arrive in the mail... I found a nice pattern to knit myself a shawl - well, it is a very basic and simple pattern to be honest.  But I want to be sure I am doing fine with this first, then I will try something more complicated. ;-)

== the kids == had a lot of water splashing fun outside.   Water fights, letting little boats swim in the tub in the garden, running little streams on the parking lot with the watering can, cooling their feet in the small river.  My oldest daughter frequents the outdoor swimming-pool with her friend a lot these days and returns home totally exhausted in the evening.  Aaaah...summer-time!

== I listened to == my own piano-playing. 

== I read == I just started 'The map of time' by Felix J. Palma.  The book intrigued me because it is about time-travel and some interesting characters like H.G.Wells appear throughout the story.  Unfortunately, I find it difficult to enjoy the authors writing-style and I can't quite get into the main character.  I will continue reading, though, as the story does make me curious.

== in the kitchen == as strawberry season is almost over, melon-time has begun.  We also made some popsicles (and ate them all in one go).  Chocolate & Vanilla.  Today I want to try WatermelonRaspberry-ice-lollies.  Yummy!

== thoughts & plans == there is lots to do: finishing decorating the living-room walls, and then the corridor has to be done, too;  clear that patch in the garden;  sew more purses;  get Lisa's room in order and replace the old curtains;  make a plan for holiday activities, as none of the kids is going to camp this year; etc. 

== Pictures of the day ==