Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Sonntag, 23. September 2012

Nur kurz

...nach einer großen Geburstagsrunde (warum haben hier alle im September Geburtstag?)....

* etwas, was uns unsere Pläne für nächstes Jahr symbolisiert
* die kleinsten Eier der kleinsten Hühner
* eine so liebe Postkarte von Traumkraut - vielen Dank, hab mich sehr gefreut! :-) Ich liebe Post!!

Freitag, 14. September 2012

Time to rest

Gerade genieße ich es ein bisschen mehr Zeit nur für mich - für mich ganz allein - zu haben. Es tut so gut, alles, den Alltag und die Sorgen, Pläne, Pflichten, etc., einmal los zu lassen, um mich um mich selbst zu kümmern und ganz für mich da zu sein.
Während der ersten Tage fand ich es fast schon schwer zur Ruhe zu kommen, aber allmählich ist es bei mir angekommen - ich habe frei! Zwar nur den Vormittag, aber selbst diese paar Stunden tun mir gerade sehr gut. Ein bisschen Urlaub, den ich mir sonst einfach kaum gönne. Ja, das ist schön!

Dienstag, 4. September 2012

Isla's Daybook

Outside my is still dark and most probably quite chilly. Summer is fading out to greet Autumn. Am I looking forward? A little bit...

I am thinking... about next week when I am sort of on a 'half-holiday'. :-) I will have half of the day off and that will be just wonderful to catch up with a lot of things (e.g. writing stories, gardening, visiting friends.). For two weeks a whole morning to myself!!

I am thankful for... the opportunities that arise when making real decisions. Often I dream or think about doing something but I don't fully devote myself. And somehow nothing seems to move onwards, no real progress. But when I make a real decision in my heart to succeed with or to do something and focus my mind and energy on it, progress is happening and, well, unexpected opportunities pop up that help me move forwards to my goal. Do you know this phenomenon, too? also thankful for the incredible friendship between Lisa's Dad and I. Nothing ever changes, even after all these years...

From the kitchen... pumpkin has been welcomed back! My youngest daughter who is not at all into veggies (AND fruit) seems to really love pumpkin-soup. I'm glad! I also love raw pumpkin salad (grated pumpkin with grated apple, plus oil, seasoning and honey, yum!)

I am wearing... pyjamas, what else at this time of the morning?!

I am reading... Agatha Christie, 'the idle parents handbook', 'Pocketful of pinecones' by Karen Andreola, again. :-)

I am hearing... 'Watermark'. I just really like Christy Nockels voice so very much. Just the right kind of music to motivate me for the day.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Month...

- writing everyday; finishing projects bit by bit
- thinking up some nice wintery children's stories
- getting the garden prepared for the cold season
- keeping up with our educational goals and get into a manageable rhythm

A picture I'd like to share with you...

...playing birthday games when there is no birthday. :-) Well, let's celebrate life!