Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

= today = July, 2nd

== the day was == sunny and warm; we spent more time outside than inside, I would say.  Even though it was a very relaxed day I felt continously tired ... yawning all the time.  I seem to need a bit more sleep - I am waking up an hour later in the morning, too.  I think it's worries that are draining my energy... worries about how I will support this family if there aren't any new kids following the ones leaving.  One has left already, the other one will start Kindergarten beginning of August.  But no-one else seems to need a child-minder right now. will I handle this insecure situation?  I would like to stay focused and in trust that everything will turn out fine.  But then the worries are always there in the back of my mind. :-(

== we made == a few small purses.  Songbirds-purses, in fact.  They are easy to sew and quite cute, but I think I will try out a few changes to the pattern today. 

== the kids == had lots of fun dressing up, jumping on matresses, playing in the garden, racing about on the kettcar and looking after a stray cat.

== I listened to == some old audio plays; my son has kind of developed a passion for these stories :-)

== I read == Agatha Christy; I finished the book whilst lying on a blanket in the garden.

== in the kitchen == unhealthy breakfast with chocolate spread; mediterranean stew with homemade ciabatta for dinner (we eat dinner at lunch-time); chard braised in butter, salad of rocket, lettuce and wild herbs from my garden and little strawberries sweet like bonbons for supper.

== thoughts & plans == I am working on a second business right now.  In the long run I hope it will make up half of my income.  I love selling things and working on the computer, therefore I try to combine both.  I realize that it is important for me to work as a childminder only half of the day, preferably morning till early afternoon.  Having to be present to the children from early morning until late evening (with a special needs child) was slowly wearing me out because I never actually had a real break.  I have to change this and create enough time for myself to wind down and also spend time with my own kids.  Oh, the balancing of things - it is quite a juggling act! 

== Pictures of the day ==

 = sleepy-heads =

 = Songbirds-purses sewn from outgrown jean-trousers =