Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

= today= July, 1st

A new month, a new idea.   I started to write a detailed log into my journal so that I can see where my time actually goes and what I accomplish (and what I don't).  And I thought I might post a summerized daily 'log-entry' here at Songbirds throughout July, as well, to share with you.  Some pictures will be included. :-)

My log for yesterday (hopefully the one for today will be posted tonight):

== the day was == quite busy with day-to-day activities;  we went to the post-office, did some shopping, in the afternoon I could tend to my garden a bit, just before the thunder and rain set in.  It was a good day, actually.  Also a wee bit sad as it was the last day here for one of the children I look after - hopefully he will return to us very soon when his Mom has found new employment.

== we made == laundry soap!  Yes, for the very first time.  My son was doing the grating bit and I mixed all the ingredients together.  It was fun!  And I already washed a load.  The washing feels a bit different than usually.  I thought next time I might do a rinse cycle with vinegar as I do with my hair after washing it with baking soda (Natrium).  It works wonders for my hair - so it should also for the washing. :-)

== the kids == had a great time converting their room into a giant den.  Later they built a kind of slide for somersaults and jumps and all that with matresses.  In the afternoon I took Amelie to her friend and Jamie and I had a relaxing time in the garden.  He did a lot of thinking about this and that, asking me questions whilst picking strawberries and red green currants.  He also fetched me water from the stream to give my collard, kale and brokkoli a drink.  (He ended up watering his sunflowers a lot, though).  In the evening, just before bedtime, I send some messages to and fro with Lisa who is currently having a great time at her grandmother's.  Lots of visiting relatives, walks, activities - I heard.  Today they are apparently going to the zoo.

== I listened to == nothing in particular

== I read == a bit in the Agatha Christy thriller I borrowed from the library.

 == in the kitchen == homemade bread, lots of different berries, salad-greens and wild herbs from the garden, radish-greens & chard with garlic over maccaroni, some home-made cookies to nibble.

== thoughts & plans == I am looking for a way to get more organized in my head.  I do write lists and they help me a lot to stay focused.  But I have a problem with making decisions.  Right now I have a lot of ideas: ways to make money, creative projects, ideas for writing, things I want to make, things I want to try, ... sometimes all of this is swirling around in my head, a little bit like butterflies, each one with a beautiful, inticing colour - I don't know which one to catch.  Is there a good system to find out what is the best thing to do next?  Somehow I end up doing nothing when I have so many possibilities.  I would be happy for any suggestions! :-)

== Pictures of the day ==

 = a quiet breakfast =

 = grating soap =

 = from the garden =

 = White-Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies =