Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013

= today = July 3d

== the day was == with ups and downs; the kids were very energetic and I wasn't.  But anyway, not everyday is a sunshine-day, and on the other hand I received a wonderful message that lifted half of the worry-weight off my shoulders:  I got a phonecall from someone needing part-time daycare for her son.  It is really just part-time, but better than nothing. And at least things are moving.  Who knows how many of those kind of phone-calls I will receive tomorrow, next week, next month?  :-)

== we made == well, I made a new banner.  I thought it was about time.  Do you like it?  I do!

== the kids == were a bunch of rascals yesterday, but they did have a lot of fun.  Jamie's friend came round in the afternoon with waterguns and they spent their afternoon outside whilst Amelie and I went to town to get sandpaper and go for a walk along the stream afterwards.
I also have to mention that we did have a fun time trying to speak English at the supper-table.  It was hilarious, but they did pick up a lot of new words and put together sentences that actually made sense.  :-)  We should do this everyday!

== I listened to == nothing in particular

== I read == I didn't find the time to read; well, not a book, anyway.  I did read in a lot of blogs yesterday and that was very inspiring, too.

== in the kitchen == a simple day: we had fried potato patties and applesauce for dinner and salad, braised chard and veggie sandwiches for supper (the kids also cooked themselves some spaghetties).  Strawberries for desert.

== thoughts & plans == I really would like to choose a new knitting project.  Usually I am rather the practical knitter:  socks, dishcloths, hats, scarfs, etc.  But maybe I should try something else this time.  I am intrigued by those lacey shawls - but I am afraid I will get frustrated with the pattern, with the counting and having to pay attention to what I do.  You know what I mean?  Straight knitting is so satisfying to me because I don't have to look at what I am doing - I even forget about it.  My hands just move all by themselves whilst I watch a movie or read a book or have a conversation with a dear friend.  But still, I would love to go for something different and look for some really lovely wool, as well.  As a treat.  As some kind of luxery.  Do you have any ideas or suggestions for me? 

== Pictures of the day ==

 = my favourite lettuce to grow in the garden =

= on the verge of withering, my darling rose =

= Lavender after a warm summer rain =

= I love beetroot but they are a little slow this year =