Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Freitag, 5. Juli 2013

= today = July, 5th

== the day was == well, yesterday was a fun day and I forgot to write in this space.  Today was rather hard for me, because I was actually very tired.  I really needed to lie in bed or on the couch or in the garden (which I actually did in the end for about half an least), but I didn't get much of a chance.  I hate days like these.  I hate when I don't have much time to sit or lie down, but on the other hand I don't have the energy to do anything properly... I am sure you know these kind of days, too.  Somehow I am sort of glad when they are over and I have the prospect to go to bed soon and close my eyes. 
I don't want to complain, though.  I really don't.  I know that I am blessed with everything here and I should be happy and grateful - it has just been one of those days.  ;-)  Tomorrow there's going to be a new one, a fresh start, everything will be fine.

== we made == yesterday we made some Montessori touch cards from sandpaper and cardboard.  The little ones like to use these cards also to make pictures.

== the kids == were quite creative today.  The bed turned into a tree-house and there were quite a few adventures going one.  Also the craft drawer was pulled open a few times for supplies to make binoculars, telescopes and also a camera (not digital, mind - it produced REAL pictures. :-)

== I listened to == the birds outside - especially in the morning

== I read == only an adventure story to my kids.  I tried to start a new book for myself but only managed one page so far.  Doesn't really count, does it. 

== in the kitchen == we had a traditional potato-stew (with meat in it) for dinner; I used to love this when I was a child.  I cooked it for us today for the first time and, yes, at first it was really yummy, but then we decided that it was too seasoned and too heavy for us.  We are not used to this kind of cooking anymore, I think.  Jamie even got a tummy ache later.  Maybe I can change the recipe a little to make the stew lighter and, vegetarian?

== thoughts & plans == we have Lisas best friend over for a few days whilst the rest of her family went to attend a festival.  It was a bit spontaneous and Lisa isn't even here to be with her friend.  Therefore I was a little bit unsure about the whole plan... I was worried if T. would be bored to death with us, or feel uncomfortable or displaced in a way.  But it was actually quite fun so far, we had chats and laughter and supper-time with pizzas.  It's great to have visitors, spontaneous ones as well, and I decided I should worry less and be more flexible. :-)

== Pictures of the day ==
 = a great helper =