Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

This week in my kitchen

I decided to join in Heather's blog hop this week 

Capturing my love of whole foods, combined with the activity of a bustling kitchen.
A weekly collection of photos from the center of my home. 

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  • our kitchen is THE place in our flat to play music and practice our instruments. Today I had my cello playing friend here to try some classical duets (piano + cello) with me. We still have to practice a lot, but it sounded quite promising.
  • As it was an urgent request from my oldest daughter, I made mixed-seed-granola. We all love homemade granola and it is actually very easy to make.
  • I had some leftover granola crumbs that we added to a really yummy blueberry soy-yoghurt. I didn't know that soy-yoghurt is so tasty. I will definitely buy it again.
  • Sometimes I have a sudden craving for lentils. Then, I'll cook some red lentil soup or like this week french lentil stew.
  • A lot of very important work is going on in our kitchen. Learning, drawing, painting, crafting, chatting, tea drinking, cake eating, experimenting and laughing, of course (those moments when the kids recite all the jokes they remember and it is never ending :-) 
I hope you had a great week in your kitchen, too!