Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009


- sometimes reads to me stories whilst I am knitting.
- draws so many pictures, mainly horses, but My little Ponys, too
- helps a lot in the household: washing up, drying, hanging up washing, helping to bake bread/cake, etc. (She was negotiating about 'earning' some pocketmoney ;-)
- loves listening to Grimms' and Andersen Fairy Tales on end
- builds little worlds for her Schleich animals.
- Likes playing 'Kniffel' (a dice game) with me

- is typing away on the typewriter
- loves memorizing audioplays just for fun
- constructs robots that can change into cars, tanks or planes with LEGO
- loves pillowfights with me :-P
- enjoys painting with watercolours
- plays Memory often (and well)

- plays role-plays all day. Her imagination is huge. She talks with different voices - so funny!
- loves painting with watercolours
- likes to watch telly very much at the moment. She watches 'Was ist Was'-DVDs mainly
- practices hopping on one leg :-)
- likes comparing big and small (the big object is the mother and the small object is the child)

- trying out new sewing patterns, trying to make up my own.
- learning to knit Teddys and clothes
- learning guitar-songs with original tabs (found on the net)
- food-preserving
- getting into painting with watercolours alongside my kids