Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009


Yes, the days are getting shorter now and so have our usually long, (almost) daily walks in the woods or trips to the playground.
It is colder, too, and the leaves are covering the ground.
In the celtic tradition today would be the last day of the year. Halloween or Samhain. As Christians we celebrate All Souls and think of the people that have passed away.
We carve out pumpkins and dress up as scary creatures, we light candles and think of the year that has passed and the winter ahead.

We enjoy the cosiness of the home and make the most of the last rays of sun to get the garden prepared for next spring.
The season of candle-light, warming cups of tea and wollen jumpers has started.
Makes me think of good books to read, the smell of cinnamon and vanilla, cuddling up on the couch to watch a film, baked apples with vanilla sauce,

dressing up and building dens, Spekulatius and hot chocolate,...

We didn't celebrate Halloween this year. Somehow it didn't happen and nobody is sad about it. Lisa was thinking about going to a Halloween Party and also for 'trick-or-treat-ing' but her heart wasn't really in it. The whole idea stopped at trying to get dressed up...there wasn't the right costume, and she didn't want to make one with me. And then she lost her interest.
We didn't carve any pumpkin, either. We simply forgot about it.
But - we did get some sweets for the other kids that might knock on our door.
In the end there came three, and the rest of the sweets were for our tummys. :-)