Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2009

Lots to do

Yesterday, Lisa went to her Grandma's house for the weekend. She was very excited about going off and sleeping over for a couple of nights. She loves visiting other people and I remember how I used to love that as a kid, too. :-)

The flat was much quieter after she had left with my Mom and I felt like I was on a vacation, too.
Somehow when one child is not here it seems like having 'a day off' to me.
The little ones went playing in the living room, building dens, slipping into different characters and I was left to myself, reading, thinking, drinking tea.

In the evening we played a couple of card games (Jamie loves 'Black Peter')and snakes and ladders. Somehow Jamie kept winning and winning. Something must have been wrong with the dice, I'm sure. ;-)
Jamie is getting better with the numbers and I am very glad he can learn this by playing simple board games. Playful learning is the best, isn't it?
After that we spend some pre-bedtime-moments in the kids' room, building houses and dragons with DUPLO, me also knitting Amelies mittens.
I have to say...since Lisa is gone Amelie hasn't cried or screamed much.
Which of course has nothing to do with Lisa, but with the fact that Jamie plays with HER when Lisa isn't around and I am much more relaxed because there is hardly any sibling rivalry happening. There is much more attention for Amelie available and I think that helps.

Today we went outside only for a brief bit. The weather wasn't that inviting. It was drizzling and quite chilly. Jamie was watching spiders and I collected some more leaves whilst Amelie was riding her learning bike. (oh, not to forget, we also bought some chocolate!)
We kept it simple and relaxed today, there were no 'exciting' plans planned or things happening. But still the kids are busy, playing, building dens for themselves and brick stables for the toy animals, looking at books, playing alphabet domino with me, listening to music and audio plays (which Jamie recites to me whilst we are having dinner *g*), and on it goes.
Rainy week-ends can be fun and creative, too! :-)

...and Lisa seems to have great time at my Moms house. I had her on the phone today and found out that she's been outside a lot, went shopping with my sister and also painted pictures with her (acrylic on canvas). She is looking after the dogs, was baking a chocolate & cherry cake and made some chocolate coated bananas.
Tommorrow afternoon they are going to see a play performed by a local theatric group.
Sounds like a lot of fun! :-)