Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Montag, 22. September 2008

...we are back!

Yes, we have moved now and we are setteling into our new surroundings.
It is very nice here, loads of nature for us to explore and the town is relatively quiet. Much quieter than the city we lived in before.
I am happy and grateful to be here now, I have to say. Though sometimes I miss being closer to people I know.
It will take time to make new friends...but we already met quite a few very nice people in the school that Lisa goes to now.

Going to school has brought a few changes to our lives. But not too bad. Lisa is being picked up in the morning and brought back on most days by on of the 'teachers'. I am very lucky to get that help!
Lisa likes the school very much and she is mostly happy and not at all tired when she is coming home.
She has found some friends and at the moment they are playing a lot.
I do feel though that she has to practice a lot of social skills - such as conflict solving and sticking up for herself.
She finds it difficult to tell what she really wants. One of her friends is apparently quite clingy and bossy (probably she doesn't want to loose her and is afraid of being alone? She is also an only child.) and Lisa tries to please her all the time but is growing frustrated, too.
I can feel this in her when she returns home and is somehow trying to tease or annoy her brother and sister and also me. Then I know it's time to talk, and I am happy that she always tells me what is bothering her. It seems to help her a lot to address her concerns and to feel understood. I don't try to solve her problems, though, but I try to strenghten her a little bit.

Apart from all that is going on, I am bit 'low' right now...maybe all the stress is catching up with me now or maybe I wasn't eating and looking after myself well enough.
I feel slightly burned out and lost a bit of my motivation for doing things.
I picked up playing guitar and singing and I started to go running again.
Maybe I will find the time to write tonight...housework is also waiting. ;-)
I need to come back to my center and find my inner balance.
It's difficult, though, as there seem to be a lot of crisis around me.