Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013


My son is building 'beyblades' out of LEGOs these days.  I bought him one original, but the tip broke quite quickly, and I refuse to buy any more.  So... these LEGO spinning tops are great and do the trick. 

Aren't they cool?  :-)

My son found this game in an abandoned box.  We would love to play it but we didn't find any instructions and we don't know the name of the game.  Can anyone help?  

Kennt jemand dieses Spiel?  Mein Sohn hat es in einer Kiste gefunden, doch fehlt die Anleitung dazu und wir kennen nichtmal den Namen.  Wir würden es so gerne spielen...