Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Freitag, 16. Januar 2009

Time to be creative

We are stuck since a few weeks. My car wasn't winter-proof enough and
the water got frozen.
Shows that I am really not that much into cars. ;-)
I am not bothered, either.
It's a nice feeling beeing stuck - even if that sounds weird.
I don't like driving in this winter weather, and I have a good excuse
now not to do it.
Also...I got more time now to do things. We had to stay in a lot, as
it was too cold to spend a lot of time outside - and as we couldn't
drive anywhere...we stayed in.
It can make one (me) very creative to be stuck in the house. :-)
Besides that, I am also saving money that I would have otherwise
spent on petrol. That's also a gain!

Well, then.
We are of course still big time into open learning/unschooling.
Lisa is a bit more interested in reading at the moment. She knows how to read since a long time. That's why I am a bit surprised that she still can't read what we would
call 'properly'. She is getting better...but she never seemed to be all
too interested in it.
Jamie is not interested in letters at all! But - since Amelie found the
magnetic fridge alphabet, he is fiddeling about with it and pretending to
put words together.
What the kids HAVE been doing is building loads of zoos on the Zoo Tycoon game.
Actually I am not into computer games at all. But this one is a nice one.
I like it. And the kids could spend hours with it.
They are also listening to a lot of music and singing with it, making up songs or dances.
Roleplay is very big! Playing polar bears, pretending to be in pirate ships,
doing horse-riding shows, dressing up, painting faces, ... the list goes on.
Baking is another favourite of all of us. Cakes, cookies, bread,...anything.
We seem to be more hungry these days - maybe because of the cold.

Today the kids were playing horses, building with the trainset, playing ship and then jumping on the matress doing crazy 'stunts', baking cookies, and watching a film, and playing in the bath.
Lisa is in school and with a friend this afternoon, but tonight she would like to help me paint the kitchen, she said.

What I am doing these days:
- trying new recipes
- baking
- playing guitar, practicing songs
- distance learning course
- improving my yoga (I can do a headstand now!!! :-)
- knitting mittens
- knitting a teddybear (for my Mom)
- writing, writing, writing
- making window decorations (Fensterbilder)
- trying to get the house finished (painting and decorating)
- spending time with my kids
- reading
- sewing (if I got time)