Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Samstag, 29. August 2009

Isla's Daybook

For today...Saturday

Outside my Window...a grey sky and I know it's chilly this morning. I wonder if autumn is on the way already.

I am thinking...about nothing right now. My head's a little fuzzy... We are wondering where Lisas Dad might be. He was living in Greece but we lost contact. Apparently there is a plan to move to Germany, soon. But only rumours...

I am thankful friends who don't hesitate one second to help me!! In difficult times you really know who is on/by your side.

From the kitchen...I am so happy that this summer - even though it wasn't very sunny - has brought me a lot of fruits and veg which I could freeze or make into something for wintertime.
For example we had so many redcurrents. I could turn them into a very delicious syrup and some jelly. I also tried out apple-syrup (very yummy!) and two days ago we picked a big bag of apples which are growing unattendly near the woods. I will make a lot of apple puree for the freezer and maybe some more syrup with clove and cinammon (perfect for upcoming autumn or Christmas time).

I am wearing...
come on - it's weekend! ;-) I am not dressed, yet.

I am reading...'Deutsch für Profis' und 'Das flammende Kreuz'. I love Diana Gabaldon's books. But they have so many pages, it takes me ages to finish them.

I am get my car repaired. The police has found it, but it's in a real state! I don't even know, yet, if it is worth patching it up again. I will know more by next week. (keep fingers crossed)

I am hearing...'I'll be there' by the Jackson 5, and my kids playing.

One of my favorite things...right now are 'Krümelmonsterkekse' :-D They are very yummy, we all love them!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
there's not really a rest of the week.
Maybe I should turn this into a monthly thing. So there you go:
My plans for next month:
- get a bike
- get car repaired if possible
- finish my knitting project for babyborn (I'll show you)
- practice new songs and step up a level in my guitarplaying (a new workbook is needed for fingerpicking styles)
- get more fluent on the accordeon
- buy new strings for my fiddle (they are more than ten years old and one string has snapped :-(
- type up all my handwritten stuff from the last months.
- ( be continued :-P)

A picture I'd like to share with you...

~ that was Lisa as a baby - great face!