Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Freitag, 1. August 2008

My escapism

Long time - no post.
I am sorry about this, but I had to indulge myself in a lot of Jane Austen Movies. :-) It is pure escapism, I know. With the move and all changes coming towards me I am looking for some romantic distraction in my life to help me through these stresses and pressures.
I've organized most things already, though, and besides all those necessary things that need to be done I have taken to Austen and her period of time.
I watched some lovely films. Emma, Sense and Sensability (both adaptations), Pride and Prejudice (both adaptations) and fell in love with the latter.
Today I dug out my copy of it and have half finished it already.
What I love about the book (and also the films) is the wonderful, beautiful language they used at the time. So poetic.
It is also great to read a book like this to get a real flavour of the time it was written in. It is real history - the way they talked, behaved, lived, their dreams, hopes and experiences.
Very interesting!

Below is a short compilation of scenes from one 'Pride and Prejudice' film (2005) I watched. I know there are flaws in this adaptation, but I think that Mr. Darcy is acting great. This is how I would have imagined him. The film is also really well-done. Just some details aren't right and even though I like Keira Knightly in this film, she is acting to 'modern' and is showing too much passion and liveliness for those days (I think anyway). Still it's a wonderful movie - with great piano music. :-)

...and this is one of my favourite scenes in the film