Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Sonntag, 21. März 2010

Isla's Daybook

Outside my Window...yesterday it was lovely; quite warm, a bit of sun, some drizzle. Today it's grey and rainy; weather to stay inside and do something creative.

I am thinking... (...)

I am thankful for...
having started to write daily. It has somehow become a routine now to write every day, and to work on my projects regularly. An unknown contentness is unfolding inside of me...and that even though I always thought I was content...! Writing to me is the most fullfilling and rewarding activity - and I didn't realize it until I started doing it as a part of my day, as natural as eating, drinking and sleeping. :-)

From the kitchen...we had some lovely wholemeal bagels yesterday - so yummy! As I have also altered my diet to regain more energy, there are lots of veg and fruits to make different colourful salads with.

I am wearing...jeans skirt and black hoodie sweater.

I am reading...I have started a lot of different books recently. I am a pretty bad reader when it comes to sticking to one and finishing it before turning to the next. But there are some main reads that I am concentrating on; Hemingway's 'Across the river and into the trees' (interesting - I like his style of writing), 'Outlander' by Diana Gabaldon (a re-read - I simply love this book! :-), 'Writing down the bones' by Natalie Goldberg (Very good and almost finished).

I am kids playing and the birds wisteling outside. Peaceful Sunday morning!

One of my favorite things...a nice cup of chocolate cappuccino in the morning; working in the garden; new skirts for spring time! :-)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Month...
Finishing chapter 15 of my writing project; finishing my knitted jumper (it's almost done and now the winter is over, haha!); blogging regularly!

A picture I'd like to share with you...

~ as my camera is broken I have to post pictures from the past. This is one I actually really like. :-) ~