Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Songbirds ... a family blogs!

Freitag, 16. Oktober 2009

My little Baby

Last year at this time Amelie started to go through a phase of extreme frustration, screaming and crying. It lasted for a couple of months or so - I was very exhausted. And when it finally disappeared I felt relieved and thought 'Now, this is over. Hope it never comes back again.'
Little did I know that it seems to be a seasonal thing with her. ;-)
Shortly ago it started again. Frustration, crying, screaming on end.
It's hard. It's hard on my ears and my nerves and my patience, and it is also hard for her siblings to deal with.
But...these things happen. Every child's different, every child develops in a different way, and I try to just see how hard it must be for HER.
Still - I am just a human being. My nerves are no steel ropes, these days they rather feel like thin threads.
But...yes, I try to breath in deeply and relax.
And no...that doesen't always help.

What does help is when Amelie comes up like last night, presses her face against mine, wraps her arms around me and rocks me from side to side and says: "Oh Baby, you are so sweet and cuddly. I love you so much!" (I call her 'Baby' often)
That is like healing balm for my nerves, lifts all the stress of me (at least for a while ;-) and makes me smile again.

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